So it has been a while since my last blog,..again..i know! I guess I underestimated the workload of a PhD just a bit. Anyhow, I have just turned in a research proposal (or at least I think you could call it that way), and now I’ve decided to treat myself to a cappuccino at one of, if not THE best coffee places in Sheffield: REMOS.

Located on Fulwood Road, in the Broomhill area, it is one of the hidden gems of Sheffield. Even people who have been around for years (i.e. Jessica) have yet to discover it,..its charm, and most of all its amazing coffee. But what makes it so special to make it the best café in Sheffield? Well, I’m not where to start, or if I have enough battery on my laptop as I’m writing this post…

Anyhow, I’ll start with the coffee. Remos uses perhaps one of the best coffee beans you can get (and yes, even better than Illy, Lavazza, etc), called Caffee Vero. As I’m sure you know it is not only about the beans, but also how you make the coffee, steam the milk, etc. Being a regular at Remos for nearly a year, I have come to know all of the staff and they are all very highly trained (taught by the best: Remo – also the owner). Whatever your preferred coffee is, whether it be a cappuccino, latter, macchiatto (my favorite), or an americano, I guarantee you that you wont be able to taste a better one anywhere. Or also, if you don’t fancy a coffee, but want to spoil yourself with a cup of hot cocoa, head over (and get a biscotti or one of their cakes while you’re at it 😉 )

Apart from the coffee, another thing I love most about this place is the atmosphere. As soon as you walk in, it has that proper Italian café feel to it,,..Verdi or Eros Ramazzotti playing in the background, clinking of the coffee cups, someone speaking Italian, etc. J just visit  and you’ll know what I mean!

Note: the best time to come is on a Saturday, around noon or lunch time. Always busy, and that’s when you will often see all the local “regulars”, including myself. Even if you come by yourself, don’t be afraid to get into a conversation, which revolve around everything from football, to politics and recent events. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the spot by the main window, so you can also do some people watching. In any case, you’ll like it. It’s kind of like that tv show ‘Cheers,’ not sure about the actual lyrics of the theme song, but Remos is a place where you’re always welcome, and (sooner or later) everyone knows your name!





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