About two weeks ago I made the trip to London to see the Chelsea-Juventus and visit a friend. Before my train back to Sheffield I had a few hours to kill so it was either go see a museum, or go try to discover some of Londonds hidden cafes. And let me say this, the city is indeed blessed with cafes that let you taste, savour and enjoy the richness of the worlds best coffee. For that day, I limited myself to the West End of the city.

Nude Espresso: located in the West side of the city on the edge of Soho Square, this 21st century espresso bar was my first stop. The warmth, smell of freshly baked almond croissants, and freshly grinded coffee hits your nostrils as soon as you walk in. On top of their own ‘East’ blend espresso, they also have a number of single origin coffees available, as well as a small selection of foods such as sandwiches and small pastries. But their motto ‘Respect the Bean’ is what exemplifies this cafe the best! A must visit for anyone with a love for coffee:) Oh, and they also happen to be the Winner of Independent Café of the year UK 2010 awarded by the Café Society;)
Tapped&Tucked: not too far away from Nude Espresso, just through Soho Square Park and across the street lies this cozy little cafe with that contemporary, rustic amalgam of timber boards, suede benches, a zinc counter,…the array of pastries at the front just asking to be eaten, and the number of single origin coffees to be savoured in a variety of ways (espresso, french press, drip filters,etc). For the non-coffee lovers, theres also a wide selection of teas, as well as some food options, which makes this place perfect both for a morning or mid-day coffee break or a light lunch. A second cafe was added recently, but I might visit that one another time (114 Tottenham Court Road).
WImagehat i’ve come to find out from the short morning espresso runs is that London’s coffee culture is far more extensive than I thought. And if you’re tired of museums and shops, going on to explore Londons cafes is a great way to not only taste some amazing coffee, but also to see the city in a different light and meet the locals. 🙂