Every time I come back to my home city of Ljubljana, after seeing my family and friends I visit my favourite coffee spots. Call it a habit if you will.

Anyhow, it was the second day of my two-week spring break and the first places on the list was Lolita, one of the newer additions to the Ljubljana café scene. It opened, I think, only just last summer, and is located right next to the three bridges (Tromostovje) as you cross the river from the Prešeren square. It did not take long before it became one of the places to see, and be seen. The high ceilings and the décor, an old man reading a newspaper and drinking his macchiato, the cobbled street in front of it, people on bicycles passing by, and if the name hasn’t given it away, it carries a sort of a Paris-like vibe with it. Now I’m just waiting for someone to pass by with a baguette in their hand,…:D Anyhow, so I don’t just talk about the character of this place,…the coffee (I ordered a cappuccino) is really good! Also, I’d suggest ordering something from their selection of cakes, which are really really good (try the panna cotta!!).

Second on the list was not too far away from Lolita, across the nearest bridge, to the left, about 100yards away, called Solist. I’ve heard loads about this place, good and bad things (i.e. overhyped, too expensive, poser-like, etc). It’s more like an outdoor bar rather than a café, but someone once mentioned that they have really good coffee as well, so I thought it’d be worth giving it a try at least. So the first impression is a more positive than negative. I guess on the negative is that there are not as many people as at other cafés, and the staff is a bit moody (but maybe that’s because the clouds just came over the city). As for the coffee, however, it is pretty decent (they use Illy), but nothing special. Although, I should probably account for the fact that I’ve already had three coffees today, so according to my coffee postulate (n-1), which basically states that the nth coffee (its flavor, and the whole experience) of the day will not be as good as if it was drunk as the one before (n-1). Ok maybe that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, but you know what I mean…I hope 🙂

Last but not least, I went to Zvezda, located at the edge of Kongresni Trg (the original of the two Zvezda’s in the city center). When it’s sunny outside it’s definitely one of my favourite places to go to, as it’s perfect to do some people watching, plus the coffee is pretty good, though a bit overpriced (1,80eur for a cappuccino). It’s also the place to be on the weekends, when it gets pretty crowded, and you’ll often sit next to the mayor of Ljubljana or the former President of Slovenia, as well as other famous Slovenians.

And so I’m sitting at Cafetino, in the old part of Ljubljana, finishing up this post and bringing my break in Slovenia to an end…about to meet up with some friends for coffee (what a surprise I know), then back to the UK tomorrow…

Quote of the day:I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” – T.S. Eliot